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Debunking Myths: Unraveling the Truth About ‘Dumb’ Dog Breeds

Think there’s no such thing as a dumb dog breed? Think again! While every dog has its unique charm, some breeds are known for being less intelligent than others. But don’t let that fool you – these so-called dumb dog breeds can offer just as much love and companionship as their brainier counterparts.

In the world of canine companions, intelligence varies as much as size or color. Some dogs are bred for their brains, others for their brawn. But what about those breeds that seem to be on the lower end of the intelligence scale? Are they truly “dumb,” or is there more to the story? Let’s explore this intriguing topic together.

Dumb Dog Breeds

The Misconception of Intelligence in Dogs


Contrary to common belief, labeling a dog breed as “dumb” can be misleading. People often mistake the concept of intelligence in dogs. Intelligence, as we perceive it, differs vastly in the canine world. For instance, a dog’s ability to perform a broad range of tasks, from retrieving balls to herding sheep, often deem them as smart.

For example, Border Collies, infamous for their sheep-herding skills, are often listed among the smartest breeds. Conversely, Afghan Hounds, typically aloof and independent, bear the label of being one of the “dumbest” breeds. In reality, these breeds merely represent different sets of skills and behaviors, which are not necessarily indicative of intellect.

Factors That Influence Perceptions of Intelligence

A number of elements influence perceptions of intelligence in dogs. People often correlate trainability with intelligence, assuming that dogs who follow commands are smarter. However, a dog’s willingness to learn and obey has more to do with their desire to please their human counterparts rather than their cognitive prowess.

Common Traits Amongst Less Trainable Dog Breeds

Stubbornness vs. Lack of Intelligence

Often, resistance to training equates to a perceived lack of intelligence. It’s paramount to differentiate between stubbornness and a lack of intelligence. Stubborn dogs, such as Siberian Huskies and Bassett Hounds, for instance, exhibit an independent streak, preferring to do things their own way. Rather than following commands, they question them. It’s not a lack of understanding, but rather, a deliberate decision to ignore.

Impact of Breeding on Behavior

Selective breeding has a profound impact on a dog’s behavior and learning capabilities. Take Bloodhounds for example. Bred for their exceptional sense of smell, they have an inherent ability to track scents, causing them to become distracted easily. Their primary instinct to follow a scent takes precedence over obeying commands, complicating their trainability.

Meanwhile, Bulldogs are bred for physical attributes rather than cognitive abilities or working roles. This selective breeding can lead to lower trainability compared to breeds like Border Collies, bred specifically for their working intelligence and ability to learn and execute commands quickly.

Examples of Breeds Often Mislabelled as Dumb Dog Breeds

Afghan Hound: Independent, Not Stupid

The Afghan Hound, known for its majestic appearance, might be a prime candidate on the list of dogs perceived as less intelligent. However, labeling this breed as “dumb” is unjust. It’s actually known for its independence.

Firstly, Afghan Hounds possess strong hunting instincts. In their historical desert habitat, they had to make quick, autonomous decisions to feed effectively, often with little human intervention[^1^]. Their resultant independent thought process, which might be mistaken for lack of trainability, is rather a testament to their natural intelligence.

Chow Chow: Aloof Yet Complex

Similarly, the Chow Chow breed, appreciated for its lion-like appearance, could be misjudged as unintelligent due to its aloof nature. Historically a working breed in China, Chow Chows were used as guard dogs, hunters, and pullers of sleds[^3^].

Their training required them to think independently, an attribute that can be mistaken for stubbornness. This independent character trait means they may not always follow training commands, triggering the misconception of them as less intelligent. In reality, their ability to think for themselves demonstrates a complex level of cognitive ability.

Debunking the Myth that They’re Untrainable or Unintelligent

It’s clear that what’s often perceived as “dumbness” in certain dog breeds is actually a misunderstanding of their unique characteristics and instincts. Breeds like the Afghan Hound and Chow Chow aren’t less intelligent, just differently responsive. Their perceived lack of trainability is debunked with the right training techniques, patience, and understanding.

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